AI Fortune Teller FAQ

Here are some questions you might have about this AI Fortune Teller and life in general.

Q. Who made this ridiculous site?

Uh... that would be me, Scott Hot. I generally make fun websites and strange picture books. This is, of course, the former.

Q. Do you believe in predictions?

Absolutely! I one hundred percent believe in predictions when they come true; otherwise I tend to be skeptical.

Q. Are these all fortunes generated by AI?

Yes, these are AI-generated fortunes. This tool leverages a wide variety of prompts, so now and then, you’ll receive a prediction that seems more absurd than usual.

Q. What if I get the same fortune twice?

That is highly unlikely, but if it does happen, then you need to take this as a sign that you should go outside for a long refreshing walk.

Q. Why did you make this?

As someone interested in technology and more traditional artistic activity, I decided to look at AI as a collaborator I could work with instead of looking at it as a would-be killer of creative dreams.

Once I changed my perspective, this concept popped into my mind.

Combining two juxtaposing elements, the pragmatic and the esoteric, into something unexpected was, to me, an intriguing and fun idea.

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by, Scott.